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Animal Drugs Alhpabetical List:
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Ab Top of Page |
Absorbine VeterinaryW. F. Young, Inc.
AbsvaliantAbs Global Inc.
Ac Top of Page |
AcarexxBoehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
Acidified Cupric SulfateFondel Chemical Ltd.
Ad Top of Page |
Adequan I.m.Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Advantage Multi For DogsBayer Healthcare Llc Animal Health Division
Ae Top of Page |
AerraneBaxter Healthcare Corporation
Ag Top of Page |
Agri-mectin Pour-on For CattleAgri-laboratories, Ltd.
Agri-mectinAgri Laboratories, Ltd.
AgricillinAgri Laboratories Limited
Agrimycin343Agri Laboratories, Ltd.
Al Top of Page |
AlbacAlpharma Inc. Animal Health
All Purpose LubricantDuravet, Inc
Am Top of Page |
Amprol 25Huvepharma, Inc.
Amprol128Huvepharma, Inc.
AmprolHuvepharma, Inc.
An Top of Page |
AnasedLloyd Inc. Of Iowa
AnasedLloyd Inc. Of Iowa
Anthelcide EqPfizer Animal Health
AntirobePharmacia And Upjohn Company
Antisepsis BolusSparhawk Laboratories, Inc.
Antizol-vetPaladin Laboratories (usa) Inc
Aq Top of Page |
AquacalmWestern Chemical Inc.
Ar Top of Page |
Artecultra Conditioning Teat DipEcolab Inc.
As Top of Page |
Aspirin Bolus - 480Sparhawk Laboratories, Inc.
Aspirin BolusAgri Laboratories, Ltd.
Aspirin BolusAspen Veterinary Resources, Ltd.
Aspirin BolusDurvet, Inc.
Aspirin BolusSparhawk Laboratories, Inc.
AspirinAgri Laboratories, Ltd
AspirinAspen Veterinary Resources, Ltd.
AspirinSparhawk Laboratories, Inc.
AspirinSparhawk Laboratories, Inc.
Astri-ucEcolab Inc.
At Top of Page |
AtopicaNovartis Animal Health Us, Inc.
Au Top of Page |
AureomixAlpharma, Llc.
AureomycinAlpharma Inc. Animal Health
AureomycinAlpharma Inc. Animal Health
AureomycinAlpharma Inc. Animal Health
AureomycinAlpharma Inc. Animal Health
AureomycinAlpharma Inc. Animal Health
AureomycinAlpharma Inc. Animal Health
Aureos 700Alpharma Inc. Animal Health
Aureozol Granular 500aureozol 500gAlpharma Inc. Animal Health
Av Top of Page |
AvatecAlpharma Inc. Animal Health
AviaxiiPhibro Animal Health

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Reproduced with permission of U.S. National Library of Medicine

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