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Over-the-counter (OTC) Drugs Alhpabetical List:
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Q Tapp Cold And AllergyQualitest Pharmaceuticals
Q Tapp Cold And CoughQualitest Pharmaceuticals
Q Tussin DmQualitest Pharmaceuticals
Q Tussin DmRebel Distributors Corp
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Q-tapp Dm ElixirPreferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Q-tapp Dm ElixirQualitest Pharmaceuticals
Q-tappQualitest Pharmaceuticals
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Qdryl AllergyQualitest Pharmaceuticals
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Qpap Infants DropsQualitest Pharmaceuticals
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Qs Plus Hand Sanitizing WipesAbc Compounding Co., Inc.
Qs Plus Hand Sanitizing WipesRomaine Companies
Qs PlusAbc Compounding Co., Inc.
Qsr Antibacterial Hand SoapKay Chemical Company
Qsr Foaming Antibacterial Hand SoapKay Chemical Company
Qsr Hand SanitizerKay Chemical Company
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Qt Sun BlockCleansia Co Ltd
QtussinQualitest Pharmaceuticals
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Quality Choice Day Time Severe Cold And Cough Berry Infused With Menthol And Green Tea FlavorsQuality Home Products
Quality Choice Night Time Severe Cold And Coughhoney Lemon Infused With Chamomile And White Tea FlavorsQuality Home Products
Quenalin CoughQualitest Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Quick And Clean Oil Free Sunspf35 PaThefaceshop Co., Ltd.
Quick N Clean Antiseptic Hand WipeDukal Corporation
QuickflexAccess Business Group International Llc
Quik GelCinogen Cosmetics Zhaoqing, Ltd.
Quik GelCinogen Cosmetics Zhaoqing, Ltd.
Quik SanDelta Foremost Chemical Corporation
Quik SprayCinogen Cosmetics Zhaoqing, Ltd.
Quik SprayCinogen Cosmetics Zhaoqing, Ltd.
Quik WipesCinogen Cosmetics Zhaoqing, Ltd.
Quik-care Antiseptic HandwashEcolab Inc.
Quik-carewaterless Antimicrobial Foaming Hand RubEcolab Inc.
Quik-careEcolab Inc.
Quintessence Q-sunshade Leave In Hair Conditioner And Scalp Protectant Spf 30International Cosmeceuticals, Inc
Quita Colicos Gas Relief DropsDlc Laboratories, Inc.

Source: http://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov
Reproduced with permission of U.S. National Library of Medicine

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