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Animal Drugs Alhpabetical List:
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PanacurSchering Corporation
PanacurSchering Corporation
PanacurSchering Corporation
PayleanElanco Animal Health Co
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Pen-gPhoenix Pharmaceutical Inc./ Clipper Distributing, Inc.
Penicillin 100Alpharma Inc. Animal Health
Penicillin G PotassiumBest Veterinary Solutions, Inc.
Penicillin G PotassiumVetoquinol N.-a., Inc.
Penicillin InjectableDurvet
PenjectButler Animal Health Supply
Pennchlor 64Pennfield Oil Company
Pennox 343Pennfield Oil Company
Penone ProMwi/vetone
PentasolVirbac Ah, Inc.
Percorten VNovartis Animal Health Us, Inc.
Perfect Coat StudioUnited Pet Group
Perfect CoatUnited Pet Group
Perfect CoatUnited Pet Group
PetremPiramal Critical Care Inc.
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PharmasebflushAnimal Pharmaceuticals
PharmasebwipesAnimal Pharmaceuticals
PharmasebAnimal Pharmaceuticals
PharmasebAnimal Pharmaceuticals
PhenylbutazoneAgri Laboratories, Ltd
PhenylbutazoneSparhawk Laboratories, Inc.
PhenylbutazoneVet One
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PolyflexBoehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
PosatexSchering Corporation
PoultrysulfaAlpharma Inc. Animal Health
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Pre Milk Hp 0.5Wausau Chemical
Pre Milk Hp 1.0Wausau Chemical Corporation
Pre Milk Iod 0.5Wausau Chemical
Pre Milk Iod 1.0Wausau Chemical
PredyneTetradyne Llc
PrevicoxMerial Limited
PributazoneFirst Priority Incorporated
Pro Dine 5000cProchemicals Llc
Pro Pet Dr. JeffUnited Pet Group
Pro Pet Dr. JeffUnited Pet Group
Pro PetUnited Pet Group
Pro PetUnited Pet Group
Pro PetUnited Pet Group
Pro PetUnited Pet Group
Pro-pen-gBimeda, Inc. Division Of Cross Vetpharm Group
Pro-tect Hot Spot Skin MedicationStraight Arrow Products, Inc.
ProfenderBayer Healthcare Llc Animal Health Division
Program 6 Month Injectable For CatsNovartis Animal Health Us, Inc.
Program Flavor TabsNovartis Animal Health Us, Inc.
ProgramNovartis Animal Health Us, Inc.
Propet Dental Cleansing LiquidUnited Pet Group
PropetUnited Pet Group
Proplyene GlycolAspen Veterinary
Proplyene GlycolUnited Agricultural & Veterinary Products, Inc/centaur, Inc.
Propylene GlycolAgri Laboratories Ltd
Propylene GlycolDuravet, Inc
Propylene GlycolMwi/vetone
ProzincBoehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
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Pulmotil 0Elanco Animal Health Co
Pur-oxynon-iodine Teat DipEcolab Inc.
Purina Friskies Hairball RemedycrunchyNestle Purina Petcare Company
Purina Friskies Hairball RemedytenderNestle Purina Petcare Company

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Reproduced with permission of U.S. National Library of Medicine

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