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Animal Drugs Alhpabetical List:
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Im Top of Page |
ImmiticideMerial Limited
ImmuzimSca Nutec
In Top of Page |
Interceptor Flavor TabsNovartis Animal Health Us, Inc.
Intrauterine BolusAgri Laboratories, Ltd.
Io Top of Page |
Io-shieldunique Iodine Barrier Teat DipEcolab Inc.
Iodoshield ActiveFarmers Industries (new Zealand) Limited
Ir Top of Page |
Iron Hydrogenated DextranSparhawk Laboratories, Inc.
Is Top of Page |
IsofluraneuspRxelite Holdings Inc.
IsofluraneMwi Veterinary Supply Co
IsofluranePiramal Critical Care Inc.
Isopropyl AlcoholAgri Laboratories Ltd
Isopropyl AlcoholAgri Laboratories, Ltd.
Isopropyl AlcoholAspen Veterinary
Isopropyl AlcoholAspen Veterinary
Isopropyl AlcoholDuravet, Inc
Isopropyl AlcoholMwi/vet One
Isopropyl AlcoholMwi/vet One
Isopropyl AlcoholUnited Agriculture & Veterinary Products, Inc/centaur, Inc.
Isopropyl AlcoholUnited Agriculture & Veterinary Products, Inc/centaur, Inc.
Iv Top of Page |
Iverhart MaxVirbac Ah, Inc
Ivermax For Cattle And SwineRxv
Ivermax Plus For CattleRxv
Ivermax Pour-on For CattleRxv
Ivermectin Pour-on For CattleAspen Veterinary
Ivermectin Pour-on For CattleDurvet
IvermectinDurvet, Inc.
IvermectinSparhawk Laboratories, Inc.
Ivomec Eprinex Pour-on For CattleMerial Limited
Ivomec PlusMerial Limited
Ivomecpour-on For CattleMerial Limited
Ivomecpremix For SwineMerial Limited
IvomecMerial Limited
IvomecMerial Limited

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