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Animal Drugs Alhpabetical List:
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Calcium GluconateAgrilabs
Calcium GluconateDurvet
Calcium GluconateMwi/vetone
Calcium GluconateVedco
CanineaidEpicare Limited
CapstarNovartis Animal Health Us, Inc.
CarpaquinNutramax Laboratories Inc.
CarprofenPutney, Inc.
CarprofenPutney, Inc.
CarprofenVedco, Inc.
CatosalBayer Healthcare Llc Animal Health Division
CatosalBayer Healthcare Llc Animal Health Division
Cattlyst 50 GAlpharma Inc. Animal Health
Caustic DressingSparhawk Laboratories, Inc.
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Cefa-dropsBoehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
CentrineFdah, Division Of Wyeth
CereniaPfizer Animal Health
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Chloratet 0Adm Alliance Nutrition, Inc
Chloratet 100Adm Alliance Nutrition, Inc
Chlorhexidine ScrubAmerican Animal Health, Inc.
Chlorhexidine Solution2%American Animal Health, Inc.
Chlormax 50Alpharma, Llc.
Choremate One-shot Concentrateiodine Teat Dip ConcentrateEcolab Inc.
Chx Plus Concentratepremium Chlorhexidine Teat Dip ConcentrateEcolab Inc.
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ClinacoxHuvepharma, Inc.
ClindacureVedco, Inc.
ClinsolVirbac Ah, Inc.
ClintabsVirbac Ah, Inc.
ClomicalmNovartis Animal Health Us, Inc.
Cltc 100 MrPhibro Animal Health
Cm Top of Page |
CmpkMwi (vetone)
Co Top of Page |
Comfort HcsprayAnimal Pharmaceuticals
ComfortconditionerAnimal Pharmaceuticals
ComfortisElanco Animal Health Co
ComfortAnimal Pharmaceuticals
ComfortAnimal Pharmaceuticals
Copper MateFondel Chemical Ltd.
CoridMerial Limited
CoridMerial Limited
CoridMerial Limited
Corona Multi-purposeSummit Industries
Corona Original Lanolin RichSummit Industries, Inc.
Corona Udder ButterSummit Industries, Inc.
CoydenHuvepharma, Inc.
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Cupric Sulfate PentahydrateFondel Chemicals Ltd.
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CyanoplexSparhawk Laboratories, Inc.
Cydectin Oral Drench For SheepBoehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
CydectinBoehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
CydectinBoehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
CystorelinMerial Limited

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